Thermometer – La Crosse Alerts Temperature Monitor


La Crosse Alerts Temperature Monitor & Alert Kit, Wet Dry Probe (926-25101-WGB)

  • Two readings: main sensor (temp./humidity) and probe (WET or DRY)
  • Water probe detects moisture to sense leaks
  • View current readings at main sensor display or online
  • Set Min/Max temp. or humidity levels to receive email or text alerts
  • Expandable system supports up to five main sensors in total


Receive water leak alerts and remotely monitor the temperature/humidity levels of any environment with the La Crosse Alerts Temperature & Humidity Monitor & Alert Kit with Water Probe. This monitoring kit includes a small sensor probe that detects water, allowing you to monitor for leaks. The kit also includes a main sensor for use as a separate temperature/humidity monitor. Use your smartphone, tablet, or PC to remotely view data and receive automatic alerts from both sensors! The main sensor’s built-in screen displays its ambient temperature and humidity readings, as well as the probe’s WET/DRY readings. How It Works: The Internet Gateway connects to your Internet router via Ethernet. The battery-powered temperature sensor can be placed up to 200 feet away from the Gateway. The attached water probe can be placed up to 6 feet away from the sensor. The sensor and probe take readings every 6 seconds and send them wirelessly to the Gateway, allowing you to view data through your online account at Login through any browser to see the current temperature and humidity levels. Monitor Min/Max Levels: The system sends an automatic text or email notifications when readings exceed your min. or max. setpoints. Notifications will also be sent if the sensor loses its connection to the Gateway, or if it has a low battery. The Gateway supports up to 5 different models: 1) original 2) with dry probe 3) with water probe 4) with the wet probe, non-threaded 5) with the wet probe, threaded.. Kit Includes Sensor; Water Probe; Internet Gateway; Remote Monitoring and Alerts: (5) years of remote monitoring and 3 months of early warning alerts via text/e-mail; AC Adapter; LAN Cable; Mounting Hardware; Product Overview; Activation Key Card. NOTE: Requires two AAA batteries (not included). High-speed Internet and a router also required for alerts.

For proper set up follow the below steps 1. Connect gateway to the router. 2. Insert the power cord into an outlet and into the gateway. 3. Wait for 4 red blinks 4. Optional: Insert Probe into the sensor. 5. Insert 2 AAA batteries into the sensor. (Dated 2025 or newer) Observe correct polarity. 6. Download La Crosse Alerts Mobile App.










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