Growing Media – Bonsai Jack Horticultural Lava Rock 2 Gallons


Bonsai Jack – Red/Maroon 1/4 inch Horticultural Lava Rock Soil Additive for Cacti, Succulents, Plants – No Dyes or Chemicals – 100% Pure Volcanic Rock (2 Gallons)


  • Easy to Maintain – Focus on the most satisfying part of maintaining a plant. Adding porous lava rocks instead of mulch to maintain plants like orchids, succulents, cacti, and bonsai trees ensures proper drainage while maintaining moisture.
  • Ideal Drainage – The porosity of lava rocks allows for excellent drainage while maintaining moisture within the soil to allow your newly potted, acid-loving plants to cultivate and flourish
  • Made in the USA – All Bonsai Jack soil products are lab-tested, are not dyed, and are chemical-free, unlike other brands that sell reclaimed organic matter which contain pathogens like nematodes and insects that can damage or kill plants.



Bonsai Jack Horticultural Lava Rock

Bonsai Jack Horticultural Lava Rock Unbagged


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