Aquaponics System – Questions Answered

The additional forms of growing food for individual and group driven needs are being considered and practiced. Beyond the backyard garden, there are methods being utilized, such as Aquaponics Systems.

An Aquaponics System is the combining of Aquaculture and Hydroponics. Using the fostering the growth of your type of fish and coupling that activity with nutrient rich water-fed systems that grow your chosen type of plant. Herbal or leaf based, ‘fruit’-bearing (tomatoes, melons, etc.) and root-tubular food plants as well can be grown in our system. Bringing together the fertilizing capabilities of the waste production of the fish, through the nitrogen conversion process to benefit and grow the plants in the desired planting area commonly known as a grow bed. The plants use the nitrates to grow and develop, taking that compound out of the water and returning the water free from such a compound that can and does harm the fish. This closed ecosystem is set up to be as self-sustaining as possible for your food producing efforts.

Aquaponics – the deeper dive

Traditional agriculture is widely known and has been practiced for eons of time. And as mankind has progressed in their understanding on how to cultivate and conserve their natural surroundings, they have seen that the ecosystems that have happened naturally in given climates can be replicated to the benefit of those who wisely recreate the conditions of the wanted ecosystem. Aquaponics is the next step in that evolution of food systems available to communities and individuals alike.

With today’s large and vast food systems, along with their distribution channels at a vulnerable state at present, we are going to need to not only understand how an Aquaponic Ecosystem works, but also have hands-on experience in the building, balancing and running of a system that can be utilized to sustain life with the food it produces. For all of what we have on ThatAquaponicsGuy on this central topic can be found by clicking here.

Sizes and Structure

Depending on what you need it for, the climate you find yourself in and the materials you have on hand an Aquaponics System can accommodate. Indoor, outdoor; small or large growing just about anything that can be had in the edible plants arena can be done with your chosen System. Starting with your choice of fish that will fuel the Aquaponics System and how you get their Nitrite filled water to the grow beds and the medium of our choice that will foster and convert the nasty Nitrites into the plant-loving Nitrates that will help your transplanted seedling grow and product. By taking that nitrogen based compound out of the water, it can be returned to the fish that start the process over again and again.

Determine for yourself if a countertop Aquaponics System in your kitchen, or a Starter Scratch Kit in a spare room, or a large multi-bed Aquaponics System in your greenhouse outdoors will be the right one for you. We are here to help you in this quest and to become the best backyard farmer and Aquaponi-maniac you can be.