Water Pump – CWKJ Fountain Pump, 550GPH (40W 2200L/H) Submersible


CWKJ Fountain Pump, 550GPH (40W 2200L/H) Submersible Water Pump

Durable Outdoor Fountain Water Pump with 6.5ft Tubing (ID x 1/2-Inch) for Aquarium, Pond, Fish Tank, Water Pump Hydroponics, Backyard

  • ★【PROVIDE YOU COMFORT & QUIET ENVIROMENT】Our fountain pump’s ultra-quiet operation will let you feel that the sounds of the water pouring out of your fountain is such a relaxing and tranquil sound, and you will love sitting out on your patio watching the squirrels and birds bath and now the peaceful sounds of our fountain make it even more enjoyable.
  • ★【MULTI-OCCASIONS】The fountain pump can make circulation to your tank and give your lovely fish a near-natural environment. This submersible water pump can create a water current, ideal for a medium-sized aquarium, small pond, water garden, and desktop water fountains. Perfect for backyard fountain/waterfall, aquarium, ponds, fish tank, tabletop fountains, garden statuary, patio drip irrigation system and hydroponic systems, and more.
  • ★【EASY TO USE】The fountain pump’s manual disassembly designed shell allows you to clean the pump input port and filter/impeller easily. And simply plug-in power for quick water draining.
  • ★【COMPACT BUT POWERFUL】The fountain pump’s compact design is easy to hide & disguise, 40W super efficiency motor continually lifts the water column. the reasonable long power cord is heavy duty and easy to install. The pump has 4 strong rubber suction cups at the bottom of the fountain pump to help keep in your fish tank.
  • ★【BOTTOM PUMP】The bottom pump can remove water level down to 1/4″ and suck out 1/5″ debris and fish waste with ease, which is perfect for aquarium cleaning water change, water circulation, transferring water.
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Fountain pump Features:
✿ Durable 40W super efficiency motor continually lift water column, fountain pump voltage is 110 V-120V/50-60Hz
✿ Max flow rate: 550GPH (2200L/H)
✿ Max lift height: 8.2ft/2.5m
✿ Long power cord: 6.5ft/2m, is heavy duty and easy to installation
✿ 4 strong rubber suction cups at the bottom of the fountain pump help keep in place (steady stay, suit vertical or horizontal mounting), you will get 6 rubber suction.
✿ 3 nozzles—0.51in 0.62in and 0.75in, pump nozzle threaded design makes it more stable
✿ Compact but powerful: fountain pump is 5.5*4.9*3.7inch easy to hide & disguise
✿ Sturdy: High-quality motor provides a quiet environment for you. The fountain pump impeller shaft is stainless steel for a long life span and corrosion resistance.
✿ No need for any tools to detach the fountain pump, easy to clean.
✿ Safe: The fountain pump is safe for fish with no exposed copper and oil-free.

①Don’t open the fountain pump without water, keep the water clean or clean the pump or add some olive oil on the rotor to improve the submersible pump’s life and performance.
②Insufficient power and insufficient frequency would affect the fountain pump’s flow rate.
③550GPH refers to the flow rate without using a pump water pipe. If connected with a pump water pipe, the fountain pump maximum flow rate would less than 550GPH.
④Three different sizes of nozzles are provided. If you use the smaller ones, the maximum flow rate would less than 550GPH.
⑤Don’t use in saltwater.

Package includes:
1*40w fountain pump
1*6.5ft tubing
2*extra suction cups



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