Timer – Nearpow Outlet


Timer Outlet, Nearpow Multifunctional Infinite Cycle Programmable Plug-in Digital Timer Switch with 3-Prong Outlet for Appliances, 15A/1800W

  • Safety: Insulation material; Child lock function; Power-off protection; Warning tone. Plugs into a 120V grounded receptacle and contain a single grounded receptacle rated at 15A/1800W
  • Multifunctional Function: Clock setting; Timing per day (3 groups can be set at the same time); Count down and turn on/off (warning tone can be selected); Interval circulation(Infinite loop and Shortest time interval is 1 second)
  • Simple and Easy: The summary procedure set operation; plug and play; Easy-to-read super large LCD; Infinite Loop per day; USPTO Patent Pending
  • Applicability: charging, turning sprinkler irrigation, lamps, fans, Christmas tree lights, and other electrical devices on and off.(If used for water pumps and motor, it can not be more than 4 amp, wattage cannot exceed 800 watts)
  • Special Promise for You: 30 days money back, 12-month replacement refund or replacement for any defective product


Multifunction Timer Outlet

  • Daily Timing
    (Example: Having the device turn on at 09:00 and off at 15:30 each day. Three periods can be set for each day.)
  • Countdown and Turn Off / On
    (Example: The device will turn off / on the power after 30 minutes)
  • Continuous Intervals
    Hour & Minute
    (Example: You wish the device to turn on the power for 1 minute, then turn off for 2 minutes, on for 1 minute, off for 2 minutes, and so on.)
  • Continuous Intervals
    Minute & Second
    (Example: You wish the device to turn on the power for 1 second, then turn off for 2 seconds, on for 1 second, off for 2 seconds, and so on.)
  • Continuous Intervals
    Set Interval Periods (Daily)
    (Example: The device will turn on at 09:00 and work through of intervals of being on for 1 second, off for 2 seconds, and so on until 10:30, when the device will turn off.)
  • Continuous Intervals
    Set Interval Periods (Hours/Minutes)
    (Example 1: The device will turn on for 1 minute and turn off for 2 minutes. This cycle will continue for 30 hours or an endless cycle.)
  • Button Lock
  • Alarm
  • Always-ON

Range Of Application

  • Time Switch TV, WIFI router, Floor lamp on when you wake up and off when you have a rest.
  • Timing air purifier, humidifier, essential oil diffuser working even though nobody home.
  • Control the application charging time and make sure they never overcharge
  • Timing cooking application working or off even though you have to go out because of the urgency.
  • Turn on / off the light at a fixed time when your family go to travel and pretend to someone at home and against the thief.
  • Timing plant grows light and make sure your plant grow healthily even though nobody home.



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