Seeds – Tomato, Italian Roma, Heirloom, 100 Seeds


Package of Tomato, Italian Roma, Heirloom,100 Seeds, Delicious RED Tasty Fruit

  • Great-Tasting, Old Fashioned Tomato Flavor
  • Easy to Grow Large Roma Tomatoes
  • Great Producer–Lots of Tomatoes per Plant
  • Better Than Anything in the Store
  • Warning—Don’t buy these from Chinese Vendors–These are all counterfeits and won’t grow at all–Buy from Country Creek only


If you are a fan of fresh tomato sauce, you should be growing Roma tomatoes in your garden. Growing and caring for Roma tomato plants means that you will be growing the perfect tomato for making delicious sauces. This heirloom paste and canning tomato is originally from Italy. Italian Roma tomatoes yield an abundance of 3 to 5 oz. fruit. With great flavor and few seeds, the firm, meaty flesh is great for cooking purposes! About 80 days to maturity. Bright red, plum shaped, paste-type fruits with meaty interiors. Good disease resistance. Garden Hints: Fertilize when first fruits form to increase yield. Water deeply once a week during very dry weather.


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