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Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill

A huge part of Aquaponics and the ThatAquaponicsGuy Philosophy is one of self-reliance. One of the books that have been a huge influence on my life, and the actions I have taken and plan to take is Napoleon Hill’s follow-up from his first book. Published 80 years after the first, through the acts of Sharon Lechter. It gives you some truly deep thoughts on what you are about in this life. Actively seeking out your purpose, and once found, making a conscious effort to achieve that purpose and becoming the Genius that our Creator has lain within you.

Napoleon Hill is an icon and an after-the-fact mentor to ThatAquaponicsGuy. We thank him for getting this information out to us from given so long ago on how we can first think it, then do it.

You’ll also see and hear an audio reading of the book itself down below for more info on this life-changing book.


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