Project Description

To ensure a successful sustainable aquaponics operation, the best ratio between the grow bed area and the fish tank volume must be achieved. Learn how to optimize this ratio for your aquaponics operation below, to build a healthy aquaponics ecosystem.

Step 1 – Work Out the Room You Have to Establish Fish Tanks

Fish are most comfortable in large tanks, so estimate at least 1 800-gallon tank for a profitable aquaponics operation.

Step 2 – Add Grow Beds in a Ratio of 1:1

Start with a grow bed ratio of 1:1, which is 80 square inches of grow beds for an 80-gallon fish tank. As you add more fish, increase the grow bed square footage to as high as 4:1. An 80-gallon fish tank can support 3,20 square inches of grow beds.

Step 3 – Increase The Ratios of Gravel and Beneficial Bacteria

Keep the grow beds with the same ratio of gravel and helpful bacteria to promote growth as when you began. These help the plants process the fish waste into useful nutrients, and keep the water clear and balanced in pH for the fish.