Project Description

One of the things you need to consider, especially with the time it actually takes to grow plant life, they why’s and wherefore’s of growing the plants, and in this respect the herbs you have to know what you expect to be the end result. Most who choose to grow an herb garden indoors or out are considering what they can add to their foodstuffs, and to what they are cooking on a regular basis. That is where basil, oregano, and other “Spice” herbs come into play. If that is your purpose, then go for it, Basil away and get as much Dill, and Mint as you can.

If, by chance, you are looking to go a more medicinal route. If you are searching for those types of plants that help with certain conditions, syndromes, or illnesses. That can be ingested alone, or in a tincture of some sort in an herbal remedy then the purpose, the plants, and the way you go about growing and harvesting will be different.

It is advised, no matter what you are growing, that you do your research on that particular plant. How it best can get started, how you can grow it to benefit you, how you can grow it to be profitable for you, internally, or monetarily. Consider how you not only grow it but use it after it grows to maturation. Seek out those experts who have gathered the knowledge before and are now offering it to those who come after them. Many of those points of interest and tips for care will also be found here over the course of time.

Of course, the growing process for either type is virtually the same, each plant has their germination, growth, and usage properties, but what you have in your grow beds are going to be quite a bit different.

For us here at ThatAquaponicsGuy the herbs that we want to grow and that you will see detailed here will be on the medicinal side. That is to say, you may see some basil and mint, but most often they will be used in a tincture for their medicinal properties rather than their flavor-enhancing qualities.